Motion Design Training on your terms

We offer several different kinds of courses to fit your needs and schedule. Take weekly Guided classes with professional feedback, shorter Self-Paced courses with a smaller scope, or get hyper-focused in a Workshop where you'll explore how the pros made that awesome thing.

Guided Courses

Our flagship (and world-famous) interactive cohorts, led by motion design pros who've been there and done that (and are still going at it). Get personalized feedback, practical skills, and hands-on experience that'll fast-track your growth and boost your portfolio. Classes are weekly but not live, so you can learn on your own schedule.

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Immersive, interactive learning
In our guided courses, you'll learn and then you'll do. You'll pick up real-world skills and level up your portfolio with help from your fellow students and teaching-assistant.
Expert, personalized feedback
Get ready to soak up feedback from seasoned pros, ensuring you level up with the wisdom of industry experts by your side.
Community support and camaraderie
Join a rad community of fellow learners, where you'll soak up knowledge and make connections that matter.

Self-Paced Courses

Self-paced courses give you the insanely-high quality of training you've come to expect from us with the convenience of learning at your own pace. These courses combine world-class instructors, real-world projects and a tight knit community that will fuel your creative fire.

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Flexible learning
Dive into the animation and motion design world on your own terms. Set your own pace, diving deeper whenever it’s best for you.
Hands-on experience
Level up fast with killer project files that'll turbocharge your skills, right alongside our top-notch course content.
Supreme support squad
Connect with our community of motion designers from all over the world, share your progress, get feedback and collaboratively enhance your skills.


Workshops are your VIP backstage pass to the ideas and techniques behind some of the best work ever produced. With each Workshop, you'll get hours of behind-the scenes walkthroughs and breakdowns, plus get your hands on project files and assets, unlocking industry secrets that'll blow your mind. 

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Behind-the-scenes access
Peel back the curtain and learn from the best motion designers and animators in the business.
Project files included
Get your hands on real-world project files and design assets, and follow along.
Creator insights
Gain real-world perspective via hours of on-demand video insights from the creators themselves. 

Learning Paths

With so many courses and options, it can be tough to know where to start or where to go next. That's why we've curated learning paths to help you understand how our courses fit together into a cohesive curriculum that will give you all of the skills you need to achieve your professional goals.

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Discover paths for 3D animation, 2D animation, and design, each crafted to nurture your skills in the industry's leading software.
Career advantage
Gain a killer advantage with a structured roadmap that syncs up with your goals, whether you're gunning for animation glory or design dominance.
Never Learn Alone
Tap into our industry know-how and savvy suggestions, guaranteeing you make smart moves on your learning journey.

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