Big Update to Cinema 4D Ascent!

School of Motion

Take your 3D skills further with our next level C4D course!

Last session we rebooted Cinema 4D Basecamp with completely fresh content. This session we’ve updated Cinema 4D Ascent, our intermediate C4D course for people who have taken Cinema 4D Basecamp or for those who already have a mastery of  C4D fundamentals. 

Because we tightened it up into an 8 week course we’ve also lowered the price! This is the freshest and most affordable this course will ever be (see note about Fall 2024 price increases below). Classes start July 7th!

What’s New in C4D Ascent?

A lot! This update covers things like dynamics, the Mograph tools, material design and more:

  • Mograph & Field and Vertex Map world building workflows
  • The new C4D simulation systems (rigid body, cloth, balloon, soft body, rope, brand new particle sims)
  • Advanced material creation with Substance Painter

Other Updated Courses

We’re always keeping things fresh. In addition to C4D Basecamp and C4D Ascent, we also recently updated After Effects Kickstart and Animation Bootcamp. Check them out here:

After Effects Kickstart

Master the After Effects interface and upgrade your animation skillset in just 8 weeks


Animation Bootcamp

Learn to use the principles of animation inside of After Effects.


Price Increase Coming Fall 2024

We wanted to let you know that we will be raising the price of our guided courses, starting in the fall, our NEXT session. So if you were thinking about jumping into a School of Motion course, this is the absolute best time to do it!


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