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Cinema 4D Basecamp: Requirements and Hardware Recommendations

By Ryan Plummer
Cinema 4D

Learn what equipment and software you'll need to succeed in Cinema 4D Basecamp!

Cinema 4D Basecamp is an awesome course that will get you up and running quick. But, you may have several questions about the course that you need answers to.
Is my computer fast enough for Cinema 4D? Do I need to have Cinema 4D before taking Cinema 4D Basecamp? What computer can I buy that will run Cinema 4D?
Well, today we're going to address these questions! We'll go over software requirements, computer hardware, and some advice about computer parts you can buy that will enhance your experience.

What is Cinema 4D Basecamp?

Have you been eyeballing Cinema 4D, eager to figure out how you can implement this awesome program into your workflow? Learn Cinema 4D, from the ground up, in a few action-packed weeks. This course will get you comfortable with the basics of modeling, lighting, animation and many other important topics. You'll learn all of the foundations, along with best-practices that you need to start diving deeper into the world of 3D.

Requirements for Cinema 4D Basecamp

Let's go over a few computer requirements you'll want to check on order to take our Cinema 4D Basecamp. These will be the bare minimum requirements, so know that even though you will be able to operate Cinema 4D, it may not be the best experience. With that being said, you'll still be able to complete the homework!

Cinema 4D Basecamp Software Requirements

One of the sweet perks of signing up to take our Cinema 4D Basecamp course, is that you'll be given a Cinema 4D license for the duration of the course! If you already own a version of Cinema 4D that's great! Just know that our courses are built around a specific version of Cinema 4D, and if you have an older version than you may be missing some of the features we use in the lessons.
The course revolves around the full Studio version of Cinema 4D. So, just in case you're wondering, the Cinema 4D lite that comes with After Effects will not have the features needed to complete the homework of this course.
We will be working with After Effects and Premiere Pro in the course. For those applications you'll need After Effects CC 16 or higher, and Premiere Pro CC 2018 (12.0) or higher.
What is Cinema 4D Basecamp Image.png

Cinema 4D Hardware Requirements

There are only a few details that you need to look out for to make sure that your computer can operate Cinema 4D. You'll need an up to date processor (CPU), enough RAM and an OpenGL graphics card (GPU) supporting OpenGL 4.1.

CPU for Cinema 4D

Most modern CPUs should be able to run Cinema 4D right out of the box. One thing that will cause a problem, is if your CPU is a 32-bit CPU, and not a 64-bit CPU.
If you're not sure what architecture your CPU is based on, you can find out by digging into the system information a little. If you're on a Windows machine you can go to Microsofts FAQ page and follow a few steps to find this information. They will guide you and help you determine if your CPU is 32 or 64-bit.
If your operating system of choice is based on Apple products, you can visit this website to determine if your MAC CPU is based on a 64-bit architecture.

Graphics Card for Cinema 4D

"Although Cinema 4D supports all OpenGL 4.1-capable graphics cards, we recommend using a dedicated 3D graphics card with an AMD or NVIDIA chip set." - Maxon
Your computer is not guaranteed to have a dedicated graphics card or an integrated graphics card installed. When trying to find out what you have, it's important to note that dedicated and discreet are referring to the same type of GPU.
RTX 2080 Super.png
Apple GPU Check
Built in to most apple products you will find what's called a integrated graphics processor. If you're wanting to take advantage of the GPU rendering capabilities in Cinema 4D, you'll need a dedicated GPU.
If you want to find out what graphics processor your Apple product has, you can follow these instructions from Apple's website.
Windows GPU Check
If you're not a tech/computer savvy individual, this one is a little trickier to help you find out what you have. If you want more information, you can follow this guide to determine if you have a GPU, and whether it's integrated or dedicated.
Remember, integrated GPU's will still work. The main point is to make sure your computer has one or the other.

Computer Recommendations

Computers can vary greatly, and obviously spending more money on your machine will give you better results. But, not getting the right hardware may have you spending more money than you need.
Are you looking to build or purchase a computer to get the most out of Cinema 4D Basecamp? We have some recommendations for both Windows and macOS.

Windows Computer Recommendations for Cinema 4D

If you want to purchase parts for building a windows computer, or updating specific components, make sure you're getting hardware that will work well with Cinema 4D.
Our good friends at Puget Systems have done very extensive testing with modern hardware, and have many benchmarks showing the power of different CPUs, RAM, GPUs and more. Cinema 4D will run better with different hardware than After Effects would, so if you've built your machine for After Effects, giving their studies a glance could prove useful.
If you don't care about looking up all the technical information, check out these computers they've pieced together to work well with Cinema 4D!

Recommended Apple Computers for Cinema 4D

If you don't want to settle for low-end performance in a Mac environment, then you may need to pay a pretty penny. If you're wanting to stick with Mac, we would recommend getting an iMac Pro or a Mac Pro for getting work done efficiently. The higher thread counts are going to help your native rendering times. The more cores the better.
Puget Systems also did a comparison of the different high end Apple options, and some Windows options that are available on the market.
Don't worry, we're not trying to get you to go purchase a windows machine, but these numbers help show differences between the different Apple computers available.

Test your computers capabilities

If you already own a computer we would suggest running Maxon's Cinebench test. This will give you a really good look at how well your computer can handle Cinema 4D processes. Not only that, but you can take your score and compare it to other computers running similar or different hardware.
Cinebench R20.png

Ready to take the next step?

If you're ready to get started on your journey into the 3D world, then head on over to our Cinema 4D Basecamp course page! If registration is closed, then you can still sign up to be notified when the course will open again!
In addition to this article we have an FAQ page that offers many answers to other questions you may have. If you have any more questions please feel free to reach out to [email protected], and we'll be more than happy to help!