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Motion Design Training for Your Team...with School of Motion!

School of Motion

Navigating an uncertain future requires companies and individuals to never be satisfied and always be improving.

In a media landscape with a relentless advance of trends and technology, the ability to adapt and expand is invaluable. Any director who's assembled a creative team knows all too well the difference between the preferred candidate and the pool of applicants that actually exists. But bridging the so-called skill gap is about more than closing the distance between expectations and reality. The truth is that you've already compiled your ideal team, you just got to them a little ahead of schedule.


A static creative team is doomed to irrelevance sooner than later. Upskilling had become a best practice of modern creative professionals long before the pandemic upended the global economy; now it is an existential necessity.

Maybe you need a lot of people to acquire a new skill fast. Maybe you need to refresh your team's skills and bring them up to date on the latest tools of the trade. Team Training with School of Motion (SoM) has enabled dozens of companies—from small agencies and municipalities to global titans and household names—to strengthen their digital presence, set their work apart from competitors, and improve their bottom line.

Here's how creative directors are closing the skill gap with Team Training at School of Motion:

  • Heard It Through the Grapevine—How word of mouth led SoM to make it easier for colleagues to learn together.
  • Courses Built for Working Creatives—SoM makes it easy for full-time artists to enhance their skills.
  • Who Sends Their Creative Teams to School of Motion?—You may have heard of some of the companies that develop their teams at SoM.
  • Peace of Mind for Employers—From enrollment through completion, SoM will keep you apprised of your team's progress.

Heard It Through the Grapevine


School of Motion is often discovered by artists who receive professional development funds as a perk from work. After getting approval to purchase SoM courses, a chain reaction tends to follow. Word of mouth spreads fast about SOM's unique classes and expert instructors, and soon coworkers are curious about what SoM can offer them.

"When I heard about 'Cinema 4D Basecamp' from a colleague, I enrolled right away," says David Schwartz, a motion graphics designer with over 30 years experience in the industry. "Best decision I made in my career. Not only did I gain valuable knowledge and skills, I made life-long friendships and business connections in this industry.”

With all the buzz around the office—not to mention the marked improvement in alumni's quality of work—it isn't long before managers start reaching out about establishing a continuing relationship with SoM. And we're happy to oblige! Everyone learns better with friends, so we offer bulk pricing for creative teams. But we'll get to that in a minute.

Courses Built for Working Creative


SoM courses are built to turn a total beginner into a working motion designer—talk about closing a skill gap! These aren't just any old videos you can find for free on YouTube, either. Our courses are the most effective motion design training on the planet, taught by some of the best commercial artists in the world. Some courses are so difficult they even have prerequisites.

Here's why SoM courses are so effective for working artists:

  • Fully digital, prerecorded lessons to fit even the busiest schedules
  • Help and critiques from a highly trained personal TA
  • Assignments modeled after real-world projects from the instructors' experience

When Jess, an Istanbul-based multimedia expert, needed to learn more about new software and advanced techniques, she turned to SoM to expand her toolkit.

“The instructors focus on the techniques and skills you need to do real work, not just the ins and outs of using the software," she writes. "It was money well spent and I can't recommend it enough.”

Whether they're working on the next big animated movie, collaborating with global agencies producing the ads that get people talking, or simply strengthening their skills with new software and advanced techniques, our alumni are making the commercial art that is shaping the world.

Who sends their creative teams to School of Motion?


Smart companies invest in their employees' professional development. It would take too long to list every company that has purchased SoM courses for their creative professionals, but they run the gamut of industries and market cap:

  • Small studios and major marketing agencies
  • Government agencies and universities
  • Industry giants of entertainment and streaming
  • Major retailers from pet stores to furniture brands
  • Internet companies, app developers, and so many more!

We've had the privilege to work with designers and animators at incredible companies such as:


Our students are achieving their dreams by working for studios and brands at the highest end of motion design.

Peace of Mind for Employers


Whether you're enrolling a whole project team or a single designer in an evolving role, School of Motion makes it easy for employers to keep track of their creatives' progress:

  • Skills assessment and individualized course recommendations for each employee
  • Progress tracking and completion certification
  • Discounts for purchasing multiple seats in a course
  • Purchasing courses in advance of registration to comply with company budgets
“I am a huge believer in continuous learning and pushing your capabilities,"

said Corey Jones, a graphic designer and creative director for more than 14 years.

"I took the School of Motion courses for two reasons. First, to sharpen my own motion abilities and the second to vet the courses for my design team. Without a doubt, School of Motion provides one of the most comprehensive learning experiences out there. I will definitely continue to use School of Motion for training for myself and my team.”

Grow by Leaps and Bounds with School of Motion


Good creative directors know that the best way to get their ideal artist is to maximize their employees' potential. Closing the skill gap is a never-ending battle, but with School of Motion, you never have to do it alone. Enroll your team in School of Motion today!


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