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Increase Your Team's Creativity and Competitiveness with the World's Number-One Online Motion Design School.

Nearly 7,000 artists and creative professionals from more than 100 countries have taken School of Motion courses — and many of our alumni, some without any other “formal” training aside from SOM classes, now work in coveted motion design roles with some of the biggest brands and best studios in the world. In fact, three of our alumni collaborated with design studio Ordinary Folk to create the video above.
Meanwhile, numerous companies, collectives and nonprofit organizations have enlisted School of Motion to help take their digital advertising, social media and web design to the next level.
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By incorporating motion graphics, such as 2D and 3D animation, stop motion and visual effects, organizations distinguish themselves from their competitors, enhancing the effectiveness of their digital presence and improving their bottom line.
How? It's simple: We empower our students to tell captivating stories, by reinventing the way artists learn and master motion design.

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Invest with the Best

Since our founding in 2013, we've combined the best part of traditional brick-and-mortar schools with the latest online educational and networking technology to deliver the industry's leading online motion design training — regardless of the student's physical location, work schedule, or skill level.
Our instructors are the top motion designers in the world, sharing insights that would be impossible to learn anywhere else. All School of Motion students are provided with in-depth critiques of work by real-world artists. Our courses aren't easy. They're interactive and intensive, and that's why they're effective.
How is School of Motion different from other online training? Our founder and CEO Joey Korenman explains what makes us unique:

The Clearest Path to Animation Mastery

No matter which of our courses your team takes, you'll notice marked improvement in a matter of weeks.
  • Totally online. Your team members can take our courses from anywhere with high-speed internet access.
  • Flexible schedule. Your team members can take our courses at their own pace, or follow along with our proven high speed/high reward schedule, and receive a Certificate of Completion at the end.
  • Something to show. Your team members will typically receive two homework assignments per week (with soft deadlines) that they can share to show off their progress.
  • Unlimited professional feedback. Your team members will receive near-real-time critique on their work from our highly skilled Teaching Assistants: working motion designers who are up to date on the latest industry trends and best practices.
  • Permanent connection to the community. After becoming a School of Motion alumni, your team members will be invited to join a tight-knit community of thousands of motion designers, which responds to questions, provides feedback and shares the latest news, tools, tricks and trends.
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99%+ Student Satisfaction Rate

School of Motion is for artists who are serious about improving their motion design skills. Whether your team is first dipping its proverbial toes into motion design or is comprised of experienced animators looking to dive deep into the world of motion graphics, we have options.
Thousands of School of Motion alumni are already bringing game-changing motion design to their organizations — and your team could be next.
Hear what some of our alumni have to say:

But What is Motion Design, Really?

If you keep hearing that motion design is what separates the cream from the crop, you're not alone — the industry is growing, at a staggering rate — and you're not wrong: motion design can transform your website, paid ad or social media post, which, in turn, can transform your business.
But what is motion design? And what do motion designers actually do?
This short documentary gives you an inside look at a few modern motion design studios:

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Important Notes for Managers

  • You'll be able to track your team's progress throughout the process and award/mark success using our School of Motion Certificates (see below).
  • If using our suggested format, most courses take between six and 12 weeks to complete, at an average of 15 to 20 hours per week.
  • All courses require a computer and high-speed internet access, as well as the software (e.g., After Effects) used in the course, unless otherwise specified on the course page.
  • It is recommended that teams enroll in courses suitable for their skill levels. Our Account Management team is available to review reels/demos to help you decide appropriate course placement for your team.
  • Once you enroll an individual team member in a course, that course content is solely accessible by that individual and cannot be transferred. Course seats may not be shared or transferred for any reason within an organization.

School of Motion Certificates

School of Motion offers two types of certificates: Certificate of Completion; and Proof of Attendance.
Students qualify for a Certificate of Completion if they complete and submit at least 70% of the required assignments, with unique project files, prior to session end.
School of Motion Letter of Completion.jpg
The Certificate includes the percentage of work turned in by the student, attendance dates, and names of the teaching assistant, instructor and course session.
Certificates of Completion are only available for students who attended a School of Motion course after September 2017.

If a student does not qualify for a Certificate of Completion, they will be granted a Proof of Attendance.

The Proof of Attendance certifies that the student did enroll in a School of Motion course and can be provided whether or not the student completed the assignments.
The Proof of Attendance includes attendance dates and names of the teaching assistant, instructor and course session, as applicable.
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