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Motion Mondays: Novel of News Edition

By School of Motion
It's been an incredibly busy week for motion design news. Here's your weekly dose of motion design news, inspiration, and nonsense.

Want a Free Cup of JavaScript?

Want to get better at expressions? Learn some JavaScript. After Effects expressions use ExtendScript, a variant of JavaScript. If you've ever wanted to learn some JavaScript this is one of the best free guides we’ve ever seen.
hatTip = person(“RyanPlummer”);

A Fine Design Podcast

Adobe and Gimlet Creative (StartUp, Crimetown) have partnered up to create a new podcast all about good design. The podcast page has one of the more interesting waveform visualizations that we’ve ever seen.
Hat Tip: Joe-E

Be Dazzled by Stardust

Stardust is one of our favorite plugins for After Effects and the team at Superluminal put together this trailer of some recent work created with Stardust. Prepare to drool…
Hat Tip: Jeahn Valijean

Greyscale Guide to Redshift

GreyscaleGorilla just launched a new guide to Redshift featuring Trevor Kerr of ManvsMachine. Needless to say if you’re wanting to learn Redshift this is an incredible tool. Look at this intro video...
Hat tip: The extremely photorealistic Joey Korenman.

Is There a Place for MoGraph Colleges?

Last week Joey sat down with Chris Do, Michael Jones, and Nick Campbell to talk about the future of motion design education. It was a conversation full of great insight and a little controversy…

New Cyriak Video

Cyriak released a brand new motion design short film. It’s umm… exactly what you’d expect.
Hat Tip Liam “The Skeleton” Clisham

Fick-in Amazing Renders

Nacho Velasco created this incredible CGI film using (presumably) Houdini to create some realistic particle dynamics and physics. The project, titled Fick, is certainly ManvsMachine worthy.

Solar Walk Walks the Walk

Ready for 20 minutes of mograph goodness? Solar Walk from Reka Bucsi features a ton of diverse animated styles. The project featured a surprisingly small crew.
Hat Tip: The Bee of Shells

You’ve Got to Be Key-Ding Me

Chris Vranos has created a new keying tool that works like a magical keying brush. Check out this demo for Composite Brush. It’ll blow your mind.
Hat Tip: Zack o'Lantern

Jump Into Gunner’s Lake

Gunner just released a new short film on their Vimeo page. In typical Gunner fashion the film is incredibly well-produced. Such a masterful example of value and light...
Hat tip Amy “Sundown” Sundin

Datacaly + After Effects + The FooFighters

We’re convinced that the market for automated mograph work is going to be huge. This project created for the FooFighters is a wonderful example of mixing After Effects and DataClay to create user-generated mograph.

Alumni Spotlight: Jordan Bergren

This week we’re spotlighting Alumni Jordan Bergren! After nearly a decade in the video production industry, Jordan stumbled across School of Motion's first public Animation Bootcamp. Jordan is now a freelance Motion Designer and Creative Director with the desire to work with the most talented designers and animators in the world. Here’s an awesome example of his work.
You can follow Jordan on Twitter and Instagram.

In Case You Missed It

Coming This Week

This week is going to be full of mograph goodness! We'll kick things off with a chat about contracts for motion design work, Jake Bartlett is dropping a brand new tutorial with Adobe Illustrator tips, and Anne sits down with the team at Good Bad Habits to discuss their transition from India to Canada.

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