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Find out What's New in Cinema 4D R25 with our Creative Director, EJ Hats 'n Pants!


Why Should You Learn Cinema 4D?

Reason 1: It's Awesome

Cinema 4D is a must-have piece of software for any 3D motion designer. While it it quick to understand, it can take time and patience to master. We've dedicated years to learning the ins and outs of this program, so we're very excited any time Maxon launches a new update. We were expecting the usual optimizations and responses to customer feedback. What we weren't expecting was a serious overhaul.

When Meat Rat shushes, you listen.

Reason 2: Because I Said So

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Reason 3: Hats. And Pants.

This is EJ Hassenfratz, 3D Creative Director for School of Motion, and we've got a lot to talk about. Maxon's Cinema 4D update is comprehensive, improves functionality, and brings in some great new features. With changes this radical, some folks might be wondering what just happened to C4D. I don't want you to wait any longer, so let's get into some of these updates! We're going to discuss:

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