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Tutorial: Photoshop Animation Series Part 3 | Eases

By Amy Sundin

Time to master the ease in cel animation.

Everything eases… Well, unless that thing is some super crazy stiff robot chances are it moves with an ease. Maybe you're familiar with eases from hitting the F9 key in After Effects or from using a script to control them.
Of course with traditional animation things aren't that simple. In this lesson we're going to learn how to draw the three basic types of eases. Then we'll see how to apply them to our animations to really give them a sense of life.
And of course we'll make another really cool GIF!
I also show you a Photoshop action in this lesson that I got from a great tutorial that Alex Grigg made some time ago. This is the tutorial that got me started in Photoshop animation, it even looks like he's updated it since then. Here's the link so you can check out his tutorial too:
In all of the lessons in this series I use an extension called AnimDessin. It's a game changer if you're into doing traditional animation in Photoshop. If you want to check out more info on AnimDessin you can find that here:
And the creator of AnimDessin, Stephane Baril, has a whole blog dedicated to people who do Photoshop Animation that you can find here:
Once again a huge thank you to Wacom for being amazing supporters of School of Motion.
Have fun!
Having trouble installing AnimDessin? Check out this video:

Download the cel animation eases project file for Photoshop.

Download the Project
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