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Tutorial: Ray Dynamic Texture Review

By Joey Korenman
After Effects

Texturing in After Effects can be tedious...

If you've ever worked on an After Effects project with a lot of textures you know what a pain it can be. You spend a TON of time clicking, duplicating, moving, copying, and matting. Those days are now over! The brilliant Sander Van Dijk has solved this problem with his latest tool, Ray Dynamic Texture.
Ray Dynamic Texture has a lot of hidden gems in it; from saving complex shapes and animated textures, to expressions, presets, and effects. It's a versatile multi-tool that will save you time and headaches.
In this episode of The Workflow Show, you'll learn how to unleash many of Ray Dynamic Texture's most powerful features, including some that aren't very obvious at first glance.
If you're looking for some textures to get you started grab the free sets by Ariel Costa at Sander's tool site Georegulus. You'll also be able to find more of his amazing tools like Ray Dynamic Color, along with tutorials on his tools and other great resources.
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