The School of Motion Alumni Holiday Card 2022

Kyle Hamrick

More than 70 School of Motion Current and Former Students Collaborated on the Annual Animated Alumni Holiday Card!

After a crazy couple years, it seems like things are finally getting back to (almost) normal. The holidays are a time for family, friends, food, travel, togetherness… and whether it’s more free time, special moments with loved ones, or a cool new gadget, we all want something, right? Our talented School of Motion alumni are no exception, and they were kind enough to share their wish lists in a delightful animated form, for this year’s theme of “All I want for the holidays is ______.”

The incomparable Traci Brinling Osowski has organized this alumni card for several years now (if this alumni card tradition were a person, it’d be in elementary school), and we wanted to take a minute to give her some recognition and a big round of applause. Here at School of Motion, we hope you learn a ton of amazing skills from our courses, but the community that’s grown and flourished around those courses is the real magic around here, and folks like Traci are what keep that magic going. So, here’s a huge thanks to Traci and everyone who submitted to this year’s card! 

So what do YOU want this holiday season? (Might we suggest a School of Motion course?) And what is your favorite part of this year's School of Motion holiday card? Let us know on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram or LinkedIn!

Participating in these collaborative projects is an awesome way to challenge yourself - we know many of the participants intentionally choose a new style or technique they’d been meaning to try out, and it’s great to see such a range of styles and skills on display all in one place. See something inspiring? You can actually download and explore the project files from any of the animations you saw above, using the link below.

Download EVERY SINGLE Holiday Card Project File Below!

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Explore All the Holiday Card Project Files!

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About The 2022 School Of Motion Holiday Card Video: A Collaborative Animation Project

Every fall, an email is sent out to all of our 20,000+ talented alumni, offering the opportunity to take part in this year's holiday card. This year’s theme: All I want for the holidays is ______. Contributors are asked to submit a three-second-long video, using a predefined color palette, along with their project files. There are no restrictions on software, plugins or medium. By the November 30th deadline, we had received over 70 submissions, predominantly using Adobe After Effects, Maxon Cinema 4D, and Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Our talented SOM editing team then works with Traci to compile all of these unique pieces of motion art into one animated video.

Sound Design: Sanctus Audio

Title Card Design: Stefan Mallette

Title Animation: Jess Libby & Traci Brinling Osowski

Music: Hip Holidaze by Nu Alkemi$t and Santa Got Silly Off The Eggnog by PALA

Submissions by Appearance:

Alex Del Solar | Finish "That" Project

Alexander Prestrelski | A Fancy Engagement Ring!

Matthew Corrales | More Adventure

Wojtek Piróg | Peace

Andrew Marston | More Sleep

Ivan Barboza | Trust

Patrick German | More Time to Play

Kyra Gonzalez | A White Christmas

Daria Klimova (Hill) | Warm Hugs

Beau Ryan | Hot Chocolate

Jen Van Horn | New Recipes

Marco Cuccaro | To be Motivated

Alejandra Londono Alvarez | Mental Health

Jeanne Thireau | My Lucky Star

Trevor Wood | A Bone!

Ori Harel | Peace of Mind

Tyson Edwards | Adventure

Beata Nowak | Find Contact Solution

Sara Wade | Snow!

Faisal Maniar | Go Skiing

Kendall Hotchkiss | Yule Log

Elisa Lucaccini | Chocolate and Love!

Jay Meagher | Cookies

Ayden Ackerman | More Time In Nature

Brandon Figueroa | To Run Away from Annual Software Renewals

Jane Black | Me Time

Tyler Bishop | Everything!

Tessa Schutz | Cookies!

Juan R Mon | To Get An Ipad

ADAN RENAUD | A Million Dollars

Niklas Sundin | Froggy

Aurelija Beitaitė | A New Bone

Peter Bone | Hope

Jeremy Rech | Peace in Ukraine

Natasha Wozniak | Inspiration

Casey Mitsch | Joy!

Claudia Morales Perez | Smile

Claudia Weigelsberger | Figgy Pudding and Friends

Anne Saint-Louis | Reading Good Books

Gonçalo M. Brito | To Relax

Erin Buonocore | Rollerskates

Dave Brophy | Candy

Bartłomiej Otłowski | Santa

Diana Koehne | Creative Connections

Henri Groux-Holt | An Immersive Gaming Session

Meagan Veneracion | A Family Feast

Karen Pearson | The Right To Choose

Vasiliki Velli | My Cats And A Mini Panther

Nick Millward | A Puppy!

Lillian Meng | Fun

whyisboxhappening | 37,284 Grams Of Gold

Pia Rossi | Vacations In Our World

Stanistawa Dahl | Time With Loved Ones

Tosin Bamidele | To Be Happy

CJ Paghasian | Eggnog

Benjamin Asbel | Bike Stuff

Alena Hovorkova | Feeling Creative

Zdenek Dovole | A Course From School Of Motion!

Cian Abalos | Star Wars

D.M. Trevarthen | My Cat To Declare A Ceasefire On Attacking My Feet

Chelsea Winot | Movie Nights

Andre Ramirez | Christmas Tree

Amanda Pizarro | To Be With Family

Alena Jalakas | Peace

Martin Mendez & Catalina Mendez | Love

Emma Elisabeth | Goosebumps

Kyle Hamrick | Some Time To Relax

David Kahts | Good Vibes

Daan Veldhuis | Music

Kanaga Sagar Murugesan | Silence

Emil Pimentel | Get Along With You

Lenike Sundström | Creative Collaboration

Previous Years’ School of Motion Alumni Cards

Want to see the previous year’s compilations? Check out all the submissions from 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, 2017 and 2016!

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