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Our Six Favorite Motion Design Projects (November 2019)

By Ryan Plummer

The Top Six MoGraph Works of November 2019

With new releases from Chromosphere, Not Real and others, the exceptional animations that comprise this month's 'SOM favorites' list are especially sunny — perhaps in response to the coming season of snow.
Take notes for inspiration, or reverse engineering, and be sure to submit your motion graphic works for future consideration. (We're always on the prowl for profound new motion designs!)

A Symbiotic Relationship

What is a dance between day and night without the embrace of both the moon and the sun? What would our world look like if balance and order were tossed to an empty darkness?
A beautifully illustrated and animated, detailed and emotive short, the Vimeo Staff Pick MY MOON from Chromosphere solemnly portrays the Earth's relationship with the sun and the moon.

A Modern Re-Brand

Sound synching? Check. Match cuts? Check. Variable frame rates to emphasize shape, contrast, movement, and modernity? Check, check, check, check.
Showcasing a font isn't easy, but Maks Fede and Rocio Galarza succeed with this 'specimen' featuring the new branding for Museo Moderno, the museum of modern art in Buenos Aires.

A Cleaner World

Unfortunately, "not real" is a fitting description of the utopic society created for Gogoro's brand video from the Buenos Aires-based creative studio Not Real. Fortunately, companies like the Taiwanese Gogoro exist to help us all build a brighter future.
With smooth surfaces, simple and playful structures and masterfully crafted scenes that cut between 3D and 2D, Not Real creatively illustrates Gogoro's high-end technological vision for a better Taiwan and world.

A Sunny Sequence

MTV asked Douglas Alberts for an animated Artist Ident based on the concept "Energetic."
With rich gradients, smart character design, bold animations and a frenetic energy, set to thematic music, Doug delivers.

A Happy Birthday

Yat Fung Leung's mom is a lucky lady. For her birthday this year, she got a garden.
Inspired by "all the things [his] mom loves," including plants, furniture and lights, the artist took to Cinema 4D, After Effects and, for the first time, Redshift to create a charming, calming, colorful and photorealistic animated gift.

A Journey

From the looks of his "mock intro," Daniel Whitaker likes Blend. Then, again, who doesn't?
In his Journey to Blend, Daniel tracks the path from registration to attendance, using whimsical characters, bright colors, creative text animations, and a perfect backing soundtrack.
If you haven't yet been to Blend, this could be what convinces you to get there in 2020.

Not Alone

Our favorite motion designs of the month are standout projects from top-level motion designers, requiring hours of work, ongoing education and bonafide critique.
If you've been reading and watching, thinking, I could never do that, fear not: you're not alone, and you might very well be wrong.

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