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Extended Critique

Finish What You Started With Help from Our Team

Finish your course.
Earn your credential.

3 extra months of TA feedback, community access, and an opportunity to complete your course and earn your verified credential.

3 Extra Months to Finish Your Course

More Feedback from Your TA

Unlock Your Verified Credential

How much does it cost?

We're hitting the pause button on Extended Critiques, but it's for an exciting reason! At School of Motion, we believe in continuous growth and innovation, and that's why we're taking this offer off the shelves for a brief period. Expect big updates, and a whole new learning experience when it returns in a few months. Stay tuned! Your patience will be rewarded with something truly special!


What’s included in this course type?

The Extended Critique Course is a stripped down version of the original and is basically offering a new homework locker to upload your previous and newly completed coursework. You will have to reference your course material from the original session you enrolled in. 

In Extended Critiques, you will:

  • Gain access to a new homework locker
  • Be assigned a teaching assistant
  • Receive feedback on uploaded assignments, including multiple versions
  • Earn a Course Credential when you upload 70% or more of the coursework

What’s the difference between this course and a session based course?

This course type does not include a designated classroom, however as an alum you have access to the Community Critique Room in The Square. You are welcomed to share your progress there.

Your TA may take longer to critique your work as well. You can expect to receive feedback in 3 business days.

Who can take these courses?

You must be an alumni of the original course in order to enroll into the appropriate Extended Critique Course.

How long does this course last?

The Extended Critique Courses are all 12 weeks long.

Do I have access to it forever?

Yes! Just like our other courses, you will be able to reference the course and homework locker for it forever. This mostly pertains to the homework locker submissions since the course material is mostly found in your original course.

What’s the refund policy for this course type?

Students are able to request a refund or deferment within 30 days from the point of purchase. In order to request a transfer, the student must be an alumni of the requested course.

Should I upload my completed homeworks or just new ones?

If you are enrolling in this Extended Critique course to earn a course credential for the original course, you can start where you left off! You do not need to upload homework you completed in the original course unless you would like additional feedback on them. If you aren’t sure how many assignments you need to upload for your course, you can find out here!

Can I earn a Course Credential from this?

Yes! We will count all completed assignments from your original course and any new submissions from Extended Critique. You’ll just want to make sure that between both, you’ve submitted 70% or more of the total assignments. If you aren’t sure how many assignments you need to upload for your course, you can find out here!

Can I have the same TA I did in my original course?

The TA you are assigned in an Extended Critique Course may be a different TA than the one you had in your original course. Students are not able to change their assigned TA.